Press Law


Press Law

A Changing World

The press and publishing landscape has been undergoing profound change in recent years. In times of Tiktok and Instareels and the buzzword “fake news” and “lying press”, some public information dissemination seems like fairy tale hour. The way and speed of opinion formation is changing: social media, influencers, blogs and video reels are gaining in importance, while traditional print dissemination is increasingly changing in favour of online content and refocusing on new target groups. AI and algorithm-based content creation and playout and fake news allegations make it all the more important for the press and media landscape to conduct high-quality research and report critically.

Press companies and journalists increasingly have to defend themselves against accusations of deliberate false reporting just as much as those affected by false allegations, slander, content damaging to their reputation or images from the private or intimate sphere whose frenzied dissemination can cause massive irreversible damage.

In this dynamic environment, you can rely on our special expertise and many years of litigation and advisory experience as experienced press and media lawyers. For years, we have represented platform operators, publishing houses, journalists as well as companies, public authorities, politicians and individuals affected by reporting.

Services for publishers, journalists, television and platform operators

  • Press compliance: advice and training on compliance with press law regulations and procedures (state press laws, general personal rights, press code, copyright, etc.)
  • Representation in the event of press law warnings and legal claims before the press chambers of the regional courts
  • Enforcement of claims for information against public authorities, representation before the administrative courts
  • Regulatory representation and advice in the area of media supervision

Services in cases of violation of personality rights and defamation

  • Proceeding in cases of false reporting, untrue statements of fact; inadmissible suspicious reporting in the press, internet and social media
  • Proceedings against defamation, abusive criticism, insults in the press, internet and social media
  • Proceeding against unauthorised publication of portraits, violations of the right to one’s own image
  • Obtaining counterstatements, retractions and corrections
  • Removal and omission of inaccurate statements of fact and defamatory criticism
  • Claims for damages and monetary compensation, including non-material damages
  • Enforcement of claims for information against platform operators (section 21 TTDSG)
  • Criminal proceedings: Criminal claims, incidental action and private action
  • Development of a litigation strategy

Reputation management

  • Press law information letters
  • Responding to press enquiries / public relations work
  • Development of contingency plans and strategies to deal with public scandals, controversies or negative events
  • Developing a strategy to clean up mass misinformation

Hate Aid e.V.

  • Support and cooperation with the association Hate Aid e.V.
  • Hate Aid e.V. supports victims of hate speech in the digital space and digital violence with counselling and litigation funding.

Lawyers of Press Law

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