Family Law

Professionalism and diligence are essential for processing the complex facts in family law. “What”, “by whom”, “when” and “why” and “with what effect” are the core questions of the preparation of the facts. In particular, it is important to point out the numerous points in the context of a separation or divorce to the client and to provide him with a checklist so that he can get through the divorce proceedings in the best possible way. It is important that the lawyer achieves optimal results for his client, whether through tough negotiations or amicable settlements.

We represent our clients nationwide in all areas of family law, in particular with regard to

  • Alimony (spousal and child support)
  • gain
  • Divorce
  • Household disputes
  • Property division
  • Business succession
  • Custody
  • contact
  • pension equalization
  • Divorce of foreigners, especially from the USA

Another focus of our advice and support is the preparation of marriage contracts or divorce settlement agreements.

Family law advice is not only important in the case of divorce. Even at the time of marriage, there are points that should definitely be settled. Especially as an entrepreneur, it is important to take the appropriate precautions and measures in the form of a prenuptial agreement already at the time of marriage in order to protect one’s own business.

Our clients include many entrepreneurs, founders of new businesses and start-ups throughout Germany and abroad, whom we support in the implementation and preparation of the highly recommended prenuptial agreement. Likewise, entrepreneurs commission us with their divorce, especially since it is important to have an understanding of the economic issues in addition to the legal basics.

Even “normal” family law is a complicated matter. If one of the spouses is an entrepreneur and the business assets are part of the property, interdisciplinary competence becomes absolutely necessary to protect the business especially in case of divorce. Here, not only lawyers specialized in family law are needed, but also lawyers specialized in corporate law, tax law or especially medical law.

Therefore, we focus on teamwork, so that, if necessary, a team of colleagues from the fields of corporate law, tax law and commercial law work closely together to find the optimal solution for our clients.
If no economically reasonable out-of-court solution can be found for our client, we represent all cases in court nationwide.

Lawyers of Family Law

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