Are you a career guy?

Are you a career guy?

Are you a career guy?

You believe that a working day under 14 hours is for losers? You have a confident condescending appearance? You need an expensive suit to feel really comfortable?

Then there are certainly many law firms where you can apply, but please not with us!

We do not offer a career, but self-realization

We don’t have to emphasize collegial interaction, a professional working environment or the famous corporate culture without hierarchical structures. All this is a matter of course for us. So let’s get straight to the “you” and explain how we work:

We have designed our office in such a way that we enjoy coming to the office every morning. And those who prefer to work somewhere else are completely free in this wish. Our workplace consists of MacBook, iPhone and AirPods. Working hours and work location are essentially determined by each of us. And by “everyone” we mean everyone who works for us, not just the partners.

We don’t advertise in trade magazines, you can find us that way. Our new colleagues often already know us from their studies or legal clerkships. Or they join us from other law firms and companies because we value each other. This bond is also felt by our clients, who feel not only well advised but above all comfortable with us.

Are you interested in shaping the future together with us? Apply to us in casual clothes; we will save the costume or suit for the courtroom. Together, we will consider whether we are a good match, whether as partner, counsel or attorney, with or without professional experience. If we have a common goal, we will find a way together.


You are studying law at a university or business law at a university and would like to complete an internship or a practical semester with us? You don’t need any prior knowledge, just curiosity and interest in our special fields of corporate law, IT law, intellectual property & competition as well as all facets of capital markets. We are interested in your personality, less in your grades. Please apply (with or without references) by e-mail to: . Your contact person is Felix.


You are about to start your traineeship or you are already a trainee? We support you during your 2nd state exam with practical training relevant to the exam. You will work on real cases, talk to real clients and attend real court hearings yourself. You learn to formulate and negotiate instead of reading files. We make sure that you work on cases that could also be on the exam, instead of getting involved in complex transactions that won’t get you anywhere at this stage of your training. We are interested in you, not in your grades. Please apply (with or without references) by e-mail to: Your contact person is Felix.


Your training with us as an intern or trainee in a station is free of charge for you, although we invest a lot of time in your training. Training is very important to us and we attach great importance to you being able to work independently on cases that challenge you in your specific training level, but which will also be of use to you in upcoming exams.

As a research assistant, you will of course receive appropriate remuneration according to the level of your training.

As a lawyer you have to ask yourself one question: How much do you want to work? Take the following calculation example: You are offered a salary of 120,000.00 euros. It is assumed that you are in the office 11 hours a day during the week, because all your colleagues do this. On weekends you work only half a day. In a week, that’s about 60 hours; you allow yourself four weeks of vacation a year. Your hourly wage before taxes and other deductions is about 40 euros. Calculate with your individual tax rate, what remains net per hour. Also calculate what is left over from your life. Then talk to us. You will be surprised.