Real Estate


Real Estate

The real estate market is volatile. Not only the turnaround in interest rates, but also changed working habits (“New Work”) and constantly changing consumer behavior lead to ever new challenges.

We assist tenants and landlords in all typical questions of tenancy law, whereby we are exclusively active in the area of commercial tenancy law, which is a special subject within tenancy law. Particularly in the case of special real estate, a standard contract is not sufficient, because in addition to the transfer of the leased property, numerous other agreements (use, conversion, deconstruction, etc.) must be observed. But even supposedly simple constellations (e.g. office buildings) require special care (term, protection against competition, rent adjustments). It is not uncommon for a property to no longer suit the company over the course of time, so that an early termination of the lease must be negotiated. Defects in rental properties can have annoying consequences for both tenant and landlord. If no amicable solution can be found, claims must be enforced in court.

In addition, we advise our clients in real estate purchase and sale negotiations, both for the purchase of large investment portfolios and for individual properties. Our experience from our own real estate projects is particularly helpful in this regard; we understand the real estate market and have the necessary market knowledge. In addition, we have a network of notaries and tax advisors specializing in the field of real estate law, whom we can call upon at any time if their services are required. Our experience is not limited to landlord and tenant law, but also includes in particular the related fields of corporate law, inheritance law and family law.

Our activities in commercial landlord and tenant law (tenant and landlord side respectively) include in particular:

  • Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Preparatory due diligence prior to leasing
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial leases
  • Rental collateral
  • Option rights; competition and product range protection clauses
  • Maintenance clauses; cosmetic repairs
  • Rent deficiencies and rent reduction
  • Rent adjustments/increases; index clauses/value retention clauses
  • Incidental and operating costs
  • Termination / premature termination of commercial leases
  • Eviction agreements
  • Disputes under tenancy law

In the field of real estate trading we support you in particular in the following areas:

  • Drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements
  • Preparatory due diligence for real estate transactions
  • Examination of the land register situation
  • Comprehensive support in the acquisition / sale of real estate and real estate portfolios
  • Corporate law issues (acquisition as share deal or asset deal)
  • Defects in buildings (including legal proceedings)
  • Contracts with administrators

Finally, we support our clients in all matters of brokerage law:

  • Examination of brokerage contracts
  • Commission agreements
  • Termination of brokerage contracts

Lawyers of Real Estate

Dr. Andreas Sasdi

Lawyer| Partner
Specialist lawyer for intellectual property law
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

+49 711 953 382 10 sasdi[at]

Benjamin Krahmer

Lawyer | Partner
Specialist lawyer for intellectual property rights

+49 711 953 382 22 krahmer[at]

Prof. Dr. Felix Buchmann

Lawyer | Partner
Specialist lawyer for IT law
Specialist lawyer for copyright and media law
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law
Certified data protection officer (TÜV Süd)
Certified executor (AGT)

+49 711 953 382 15 buchmann[at]

Chiara Panfili, LL.M.

Lawyer | Partner*

+49 711 953 382 23 *not within the meaning of the Partnership Act

Dr. Tomasz Potempa

Lawyer (Admission only in Poland) | Counsel

+48 509 753 739 tomekpotempa[at]